Solar Energy Installation Systems: Sales, Supply and Services

Without exagerations, Solar Energy becomes an indispensable source of energy in Nigeria nowadays. As a result of the epileptic and unstable nature of our electric supply in the area connected to the grid, couple with high estimated energy tariff, in some parts of the city, people still live in blackout 24/7, let alone the rural communities that do not have access to national electric grid, here people still live in total darkness.These reduce business activities, lead to less production and increase cost of production by resulting to using fuel generator to power up offices, work tools and equipment in order to manufacture products. To overcome this challenges, solar energy harness becomes necessary. At Eightelms, we design and deploy solar solutions that suit various business and household day-to-day power needs.

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Are you looking towards a solar project for your streets, garden, walk way or security light? We deploy these in various illumination capacities; arcording to your interest and needs.

We provide solar energy solutions installations for homes, offices and small business environments. Beyond this minimum, we salso engage in solar water pump installation and solar farmland irrigation system.

Solar Pump

All our deployed solar solutions come with the best state-of-the-art cutting edge solar technologies and we design our solar power solutions with first class rated equipment, so guarranttee is our watch word. On your next solar project, speak to us, we have good customer care service that will walk you through what is not understood on any of our service area on our website. please click here to contact us today, a try will convince you.

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