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Eightelms Systems Technologies Electric Fence - Installation Services.

As part of our contribution for ensuring safer community, buiding a safer environment that is free from theft to human life and to secure peoples' property becomes paramount, We deploy Burglar electric fence that deters and prevents intrussions and unauthorized access into private property. Our design of electric fence does not only guarranttee stopping burglary incident by elctrifying the fence round the property, some of our electric fence energizer also create real time alarm to inform you of any attempted intrussion into your propert premises.

Electric Fence

This alarm will come via your registered mobile phone and also emails you. wherever you are, you will be in control and stop the incident either by calling the police, other security agnts, or your neighbour for help if you are far away from your house or site. We use original equipment that guarranttee safety of life in our electric fence design. Not only do we design electric fence for household protection, We also have fence design for protecting farm land, crops and animal from rodents, predators and thieves which can attack your crops and animals respectively. This is a good development in Nigeria agriculture and farming business at this time when free normadic cattle raring activities is disturbing our crops in various farmland throughout the federation. We supply and install various capacities of fence energizers and other electric fence equipment from reputable manufacturers, and we provide a fast and professional installation of low and high voltage services.

No Electric grid in your area? no problem!, Fence energizer producers have now incorporated solar power in the design of electric fencing system. See it below.

Fence Energizer

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