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Welcome to Our tutorial page!

Watch out for our "HOW-TO" tutorials

photoOn this page, we will be featuring "how to" tutorials, covering wide range of subjects and topics. We will look at problems people face in each of these subjects and topics. Subject from computer issues & tools used in fixing them, web design issues, solar energy, CCTV and so on. Issues in programming languages such as Java, Python, Javascript, jQuery and PHP would also be touched. In like manners, mySQL database will not left out of this blogging tutorial, all would be tailored to target absolute beginners. Note that the tutorials would be drawn from questions the students ask both in our lecture classes and from various platforms to which we belong by extension. However, it should be noted also that, only subjects and topics we have treated and tested will be showcased here. For now, our tutorials would be 100% "HOW TO" basis. Until then, Keep watching...

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